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Today’s economy demands ways to maximize your dollar. Whether you own a triplex, seven single family residences or large apartment complex, California Special Services can help protect your investment and livelihood.
Liability: As a landlord, you have unique exposures and are responsible for ensuring the premises are free of safety hazards. Do you want to provide coverage for medical costs incurred in the event that someone falls on your property? We can do that. Mercury has Liability Limits up to $2 million per occurrence/$4 million aggregate. You can also purchase an umbrella with higher limits! Buildings – Business Personal Property: Evaluating the cost to replace a building can be difficult and is based on a variety of factors. We offer Building Ordinance coverage to assist with that. Equipment Breakdown coverage offers protection on electrical distribution, heating and air conditioning systems for events such as short circuiting and power surges. Do you have sprinklers in the building that might discharge in the event of an earthquake? We can help with that too. In addition, your Business Personal Property can be covered.
Business Income – Loss of Rents: We provide Loss of Rents coverage for a 12 month period which can be extended to 24 months. We also cover the extended length of time it may take to return the building to its original occupancy We have a complete package available . We offer discounts based on your deductible, sprinklers, age of building, loss history, even the number of buildings that we insure! Your agent is a valuable re- source when assessing your insurance needs.

Property Off Premises $50,000 Newly Acquired Buildings $250,000

Valuable Paper $50,000 Off Premises Power Failure $25,000

Accounts Receivable $50,000 Transit $25,000

Employee Dishonesty $10,000 Signs $10,000

Money & Securities $5,000 Sewer Back-Up $25,000

Damage to Premises Rented to You $100,000

Loss of Rents 12 months ALS, 24 months available

Equipment Breakdown Included – Policy Limit

(Opt out available)

Premise Distance Extension from 100 feet to 1,000 feet of designated premises


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