Taco Shop Insurance -San Diego California est. 1966

Give me a ring 619-427-2662 I will shop the top California carriers to find you the best rates for your taco shop insurance in California. I insured many well known named taco shops here in San Diego for their workers compensation, Business policies, and other coverages – I speak taco and Laura hablas espanol- talk to you soon

or if you feel more comfortable over email I am at dan@californiaspecialservices.com

taco shop insurance man

Taco shops are in my blood. Literally I am sure if you tested my blood there would be tacos in there. I sell insurance which I don’t love, but they say to do what you love and I love tacos and burritos so I guess thats a good trade off, but seriously if you are looking for insurance for your taco shop give me a ring.

Taco Shop Insurance (maybe we can work out a trade?)