Workers Compensation General Exclusions

USRP general exclusions

The operations defined as general exclusions are performed by some employers in addition to their basic business operations but they are  Atypical most employers do not perform these operations, these operations are however easy to identify and they are subject to separate classification assignments when  performed in addition to the basic business operations-  Specifically these are

AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS- all members of the flying crew, maintenance or repair work conducted at an employer’s location by performed by separate contractors and all new construction whether performed by the employer or separate contractors.



and DAYCARE SERVICES provided by the employer for the use of its employees dependents operations are excluded from all classifications unless specifically included in the language of the classification and by specifically included we mean referred to by name

terms such as all or all employees when they appear in a classification phraseology do not apply to general exclusion operations the phraseology must clearly state that one of these activities is included in order to be included under the classification applicable to the business or operation described

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