Make sure your business property is covered properly

Commercial property insurance is designed to cover expenses resulting
from loss of/damage to a policyholder’s building and contents. “Contents”
is referred to as Business Personal Property a keyconsideration when deciding how much insurance coverage to purchase.

Some businesses give too little thought to or even underestimate the value
of their assets only to discover, once a loss occurs, that their company is
under-insured. Accurately valuing BPP may take some time and effort, but
the financial benefits are well worth the task.


Create and maintain an inventory of items and their estimated value; review and update annually.
Take into account seasonal fluctuations in your inventory.Look into Inland Marine Coverage if you have items that leave your commercial space.
Exclude company-owned vehicles which are insured through a separate policy.

Consult with a licensed insurance agent about coverage options.



display racks and cases

equipment fixtures/furniture/furnishings v merchandise and inventory v office supplies

papers, records, and receipts

machinery v  signage v tools


personal protective equipment

any other movable, owned items

Specific items will vary based upon your business.

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