Home Based Bakery Insurance Coverage

Many bakers who work from their home start out as people who love to create amazing desserts or breads. Their individual style shows in their baking and people love to taste their creations. This hobby can quickly grow into a business that provides a source of income for what you do best. Helping you protect your business is what we do best. We insure bakers who sell at the farmers markets and the like. Click below for an instant policy in minutes, and if you have any questions hit the chat button and a licensed insurance agent will be able to address all of your concerns- Cottage Food Insurance 


A fire occurs at your home and damages your $7,500 Bakery
inventory. Your homeowners policy will exclude coverage because
the inventory is business personal property, but a USLI policy
provides up to $100,000 for on-premises business personal

Does your homeowners policy protect you in the following common situations?

► Your business laptop is stolen while you are traveling?
Typical homeowners policy it’s a no

► A customer visiting your home slips and falls?
Typical homeowners policy it’s a no

► A fire at your home temporarily puts you out of business. Will lost income and the additional expenses necessary to get back in business be covered?
Typical homeowners policy it’s a no


Protection for someone slipping and falling at your home when picking up an order or while selling your products at a craft fair.


Protection for the property you use in your business including the theft or damage of your equipment.


Protection for errors that you make in the course of doing business that cause financial loss to others. For example, you incorrectly schedule to make desserts for a baby shower on Sunday when the event is on Saturday and you cannot make the desserts in time. Professional liability would provide coverage for any extra expense that the host incurs in finding new desserts at the last minute.
Professional Liability may not be available depending on state of residence and class of business.


Protection for the lost income due to your home being uninhabitable. For example, your home has a fire and you need to rent temporary space at a commercial kitchen on a part-time basis to fulfill orders. The extra expense incurred due to the fire would be covered.

Coverage is based on the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your policy.  Be sure to read your policy to verify your coverage.
With so much invested in your home based business, make sure you have the right coverage to insure your unique exposures.
You may be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance does not provide the liability or property protection you need
to protect your assets.
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