Carpet Cleaners Insurance

Many homes have carpet, children and pets. This combination demands your expertise! We can help protect your investment and livelihood by finding ways to maximize your dollar. Mercury’s low rates are only the beginning. Mercury has a policy designed with your needs in mind and our low rates are only the beginning.

Liability: Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Do you want to be able to replace a client’s heirloom vase if your employee breaks it? You also need protection if someone falls on a wet carpet. We have Liability Limits up to $2 million per occurrence/$ 4 million aggregate available. You can also purchase an umbrella for higher limits! And because you are working on a client’s carpet, we can provide an additional layer of protection for Care, Custody or Control in the event that your equipment spews dye form the prior clients carpet!

Business Personal Property: Your equipment needs to be covered and Mercury has a unique way of doing that. Permanently attached cleaning equipment should be added to the Commercial Auto policy and we will provide a discount on that policy if we insure your business and auto. Any non-attached equipment, computer and phone systems used to book appointments and create invoices should be included on the Business Owners policy.

Additional Exposures: You may have employees that receive cash payments from your clients. Employee Dishonesty and Money & Securities cover that. The optional “Care, Custody or Control” endorsement is available to cover the damage you might accidentally cause to a customer’s carpet.

Business Income: If your business needs to shut down due to a covered loss, we provide Business Income for a 12 month period. We have a complete package available which you can discuss with your independent agent. We offer discounts based on your deductible, alarms, years in business, loss history, even if we write the commercial auto. Be sure to use your agent as a resource when evaluating all your insurance needs.

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