Don’t get caught with your pants down EPLI Covers Sexual harrasment

Employment Practices Liability Product for
Fast Food Restaurants

Claim Examples

Sexual Harassment: A female pizza delivery person alleged
her manager repeatedly sexual harassed her after her
evening shifts. Although no one directly witnessed the
alleged harassment, the manager in question had a history of
inappropriate behavior alleged by other employees, which
had been documented in his personnel file. This case settled
for around $45,000 in addition to $26,000 in defense costs..
Third Party Liability: A customer threatened to file a class
action lawsuit alleging that a donut shop was not compliant
with the Americans with Disability Act, claiming that the
handicapped parking spaces were too narrow or the counters
were too high. The claimant and his attorney often settle for
a low figure of $15,000 to $25,000 and then move on to the
next fast food restaurant to file the same type of claim.
Wrongful Termination & Retaliation: A male fry cook filed a
workers compensation claim after burning his hand while
making a batch of french fries. Shortly after returning to
work, the employee was fired because of his repeated
tardiness prior to the incident. Upon investigation, the
employer did not have any documentation proving he was
ever late. The employee settled out of court for $10,000 after
$12,000 was spent in defense.
Race Discrimination: An African American called a Chinese
take- out only restaurant to place an order but after providing
his address, the restaurant employee refused to complete his
order. The employee told the customer that he would not
deliver food into that neighborhood because of the perceived
violence that takes place there. The customer sued for third
party discrimination and the case was settled quickly out of
court for $15,000.

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