New Broader Restaurant Insurance acceptability

In an effort to be your preferred market for an even broader range of business. We to announce that we will now consider frame-constructed restaurants without a Central Station Fire Alarm (CSFA) or sprinkler system as long as the  establishment has an automatic commercial extinguishing system/ANSUL installed over the cooking   equipment. We will still require a CSFA or sprinkler system for restaurants in Protection Class areas As a reminder, we are eager to write your restaurant business and will entertain wider ll-cooking, limited-cooking, and fast-food establishments. Our typical guidelines include:

  • seating capacity up to 350
  • liquor sales up to 50% for full cooking
  • liquor sales up to 30% for limited cooking and fast food
  • off-premise catering exposure up to 30%
  • delivery exposure up to 50% (up to 15% of Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability is on the policy)
  • three years in business or equivalent experience NEPA Standard 96: UL 300 Standard compliance

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