Motor Carrier Permit License Confusion

A client came into our office yesterday afternoon with a question regarding something totally separate than their motor carrier permit  (regarding their concrete pumps) and normally when I have the client in front of me I like to make sure to review the policy go over the coverages with them, make sure everything is in order which also includes a checkup on their MCP Filing with the Highway Patrol and the DMV. When I ran the clients CA number through the website here

The license came back as inactive to the customers surprise as just 4 months ago they had sent in the renewal application the MC 134 with the payment , and didnt hear anything at all from the DMV.  I contacted the Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety unit – I have put the phone numbers here and they pick right up and are very happy to assist

Motor Carrier Safety Unit:
Area Phone
NORTHERN DIVISION, Redding (530) 242 – 4357
VALLEY DIVISION, Sacramento (916) 731 – 6350
GOLDEN GATE DIVISION, Vallejo (707) 917 – 4400
CENTRAL DIVISION, Fresno (559) 453 – 3130
SOUTHERN DIVISION, Glendale (323) 644 – 9557
BORDER DIVISION, San Diego (858) 650 – 3655
COASTAL DIVISION, San Luis Obispo (805) 549 – 3261
INLAND DIVISION, San Bernardino (909) 806 – 2414

and they had advised that they had tried to get ahold of the contact years ago and because the client did not contact them back they placed the license inactive as they needed a get this…. CHP 362

I helped the client out with this and was able to fax it to the highway patrol so that they could get the MCP active again-the funny thing is that the client was pulled over 2 months ago by the Highway Patrol and the officer made no mention of these problems

I would recommend if you do have  Motor Carrier Permit to check the link or call as it seems there is a disconnect between the DMV and the Highway Patrol

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