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Is the service you provide a luxury for most clients? It can be challenging to save money without sacrificing quality of service. We can help protect your investment and livelihood by finding ways to maximize your dollar. CSS has a policy designed with your needs in mind and our low rates are only the beginning.


Your customers are guests that may visit on a regular basis. Do you want to provide coverage for medical costs incurred in the event that someone falls in your shop? We can do that. We have Liability Limits up to $2 million per occurrence/$4 million aggregate. You can purchase an umbrella with even higher limits! We also offer Professional Liability coverage if your client has a reaction to the product or proces

Building – Business Personal Property:

Do you own the building that you are in or are you required to insure it? Don’t forget that improvements, furniture and equipment need to be covered. We offer Equipment Breakdown coverage for better protection on the heating, air conditioning, computer and phone systems. Are you concerned that the sprinklers will go off as the result of an earthquake? We can cover that too.

Business Income:

If your business needs to shut down due to a covered loss, we provide Business Income for a 12 month period which can be extended to 24 months. If you need to temporarily relocate, we can cover the Extra Expenses to help keep your clients. Mercury will also provide protection if there is a loss to a property that you are dependent upon-

We have a complete package available which you can discuss with us. We offer a variety of discounts based on your deductible, sprinkler or central station alarms, years in business, loss history, even the age of the building! Be sure to include your agent as a resource when evaluating all your insurance needs.


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